Hi, I'm Lisa Arreguin.

I focus on creating more mobility and flexibility through hands-on manual therapy. I have over 16 years of experience specializing in sports therapy, ART therapy, fascia/connective tissue and injury specific treatment. You will be getting more than just a massage.

My goal is to educate you and to help you understand why your body is lacking full range of motion, and to show you how to manage effective movement- by simply understanding your body!

I will help empower your mind and feel better about the way you live through continuous body maintenance.

Stay Active!

Live Healthier!

Bodywork Sessions:

I have created two purchase options for your convenience, single session and session packages.  


Gratuity not Included

Session Single Price:

$90 — (1) 60 Minute bodywork session

$110 — (1) 75 Minute bodywork session

$135 - (1) 90 Minute bodywork session 

Session Packages: 

$425 — (5) 60 Minute bodywork sessions

$500 — (5) 75 Minute bodywork sessions

$625 - (5) 90 Minute bodywork sessions


What to expect at your first appointment?

5-10 minute assessment. The remainder of the time we will focus on bodywork. 

What style of bodywork do you specialize in? 

Injury Specific. Medical Massage. Active Release Therapy. Sports Massage. Deep Tissue. Soft Tissue. Trigger Point, Nerve Gliding. I use techniques that I think will be helpful for your body - the goal is to create more mobility through different styles of bodywork treatments. 

 I want to know as much about you as possible. What your medical history is like? How many surgeries you've had? What kind of lifestyle do you live? What is your goal with Bodywork. 

This is important to me, so that I can help you out as best as possible. 

What do I wear? Do I have to be undressed? 

Most sessions are performed with the client either undressed or with underwear or small briefs. A client is always covered with a sheet and or blanket, depending on a persons body temperature. One area is undrapped at one time, always assuring that you are never exposed in an un-comforatble way.  

Please be aware that you will have oils, gels, or lotion on your body. You may not want to wear certain pieces of clothing. There are towels available upon request. Also, if you do not want your hair touched because you just got it washed or cut... let us know. We will do our best to avoid it.  

How can I buy a gift certificate or package?  

Since we do not have a receptionist... The best way is to click on the Gift Card tab at the top right corner of our home page.   You can print it out right from your computer. If you are purchasing a gift certificate for a friend, family member, or co-worker and you want something fancier than the paper print out... you can also purchase a gift certificate at your next visit with your therapist. Or simply call us at 818-455-5111 and request for pick up.  

Do you have holiday specials?  

Yes! We advertise our holiday specials one week before the holiday. We also send out an email notice. If you would like to get onto our email list, please email us at lisa@labodywork.com. You can purchase a gift certificate/ holiday special or package on our website.  www.labodywork.com

Do you have a referral program? 

I am primarily a referral based business.. I am so lucky to be liked by my people. For every referral you bring in, you get $5 off your next session. Limited per session.  

Where should I park?  

I am located inside Lifestyle Physical Therapy. Located inside the Piken building. There is plenty of parking. If it happens to be filled up there is meter parking out on the street.