Rollga Wholesale Solutions

Elevate your client care with Rollga wholesale solutions – the premium foam roller experience.


Includes 1 Rollga Basic, 1 Rollga Premium, and 1 Rollga Pro foam roller.



Includes 8 of your favorite Rollga foam rollers. Spread your Rollga rollers around!



Comprehensive fitness bundle to kickstart your clients' wellness experience.


How it Works

Step 1

Contact Wholesale, Inquire Minimum Orders, Request A Catalog.

Step 2

Order A Starter Pack and Request A Sample.

Step 3

Discuss Pricing and Minimum Orders To Get The Best Unit Rates.

Step 4

Create A Business Plan with Your Rollga Strategist.

Step 5

You Adopt the Physical Principles of Body Maintenance.

Step 6

Get Trained.


Foam Roller

the perfect fit for every profession

Rollga wholesale solutions offer a versatile and customizable approach to elevate client well-being, making it the perfect fit for professionals across diverse industries.


Enhance the gym experience for patrons while promoting muscle relief and injury prevention.

fitness studios

Encourage targeted myofascial release to enhance client performance and well-being.


Boost patient rehabilitation by promoting muscle relaxation and increasing joint mobility.

running groups

Foster improved flexibility, muscle recovery, and injury prevention for runners.

Yoga studios

Enrich the yogic experience with enhanced flexibility and myofascial release.


Aid clients' myofascial release, promote relaxation, and complement treatments.

Wholesale Client Feedback

See why Rollga wholesalers love providing Rollga solutions to their clients!

Rollga has been an absolute pleasure!! We use our foam rollers every single day! We have tried other foam rollers, but truly feel Rollga is top notch! The contoured shaped of the roller allows it to hit all those body parts that are usually hard to reach! We love all the different colors as well 😊. We also have the hand and foot therapy kit which is a massage game changer! We definitely recommend Rollga products

Everyday with H&K

The standard Rollga has been the best foam roller I’ve ever used. The medium density is perfect for tension relief and has been super durable since I got it a year ago! The indentations are great for getting between the groves of the shoulder blades, which is a big problem area of mine. Highly recommend!

Dr. Keisha Taylor

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I've used multiple foam rollers in my career and none of them compares to the Rollga foam roller! Its unique design avoids bony landmarks on your spine from being compressed which usually feels really uncomfortable. It targets your major back muscles and feels great on the glutes and IT- Band. I would recommend 10/10 to you and all my patients 👍🏾

Dr. Ulrick Jean-Pierre

EVERYONE freaking LOVES your roller, even the small keychain roller!!! It’s hits the legs and back like no other roller I have used. Both clients and our staff prefer it over all the other style rollers we have!! GREAT product!!!!

Brian Teague


Seize the opportunity to elevate your business with premium foam rollers at unbeatable prices, and redefine the wellness experience for your clients!

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LA Bodywork & Massage
Based on 94 Reviews
Adam K.
Adam K.
2024-06-05 15:32:13
I have been coming to LA Bodywork for about 2 years now. As an aging Brazilian jiujitsu practitioner I am constantly getting hurt, and Lisa Marie and Hannah… read more
Paula m.
Paula m.
2023-12-14 07:26:38
Lisa-Marie is a great therapist and the facilities are excellent. My body is always much better, looser and flexible after my sessions. read more
Josh L.
Josh L.
2023-11-07 16:08:22
I had my first sessions with Hannah and it was fantastic. She is very informative on what was being done and let me understand why. I’ve been struggling… read more
Sterling S.
Sterling S.
2023-04-17 14:10:10
I have been to may Bodywork Professionals in LA area Hannah and Lisa Marie are definitely the best! while most Bodywork professionals are mostly massage… read more
Nicholas T.
Nicholas T.
2022-10-19 08:27:21
I have been seeing Lisa for over 5 years now and she is the best in the business!!!This is not your normal massage and she can pinpoint the issues that… read more
Michael M.
Michael M.
2022-10-15 17:46:49
Hannah, was a great massage therapist. If you are need of pain management work, do yourself a favor and see her. As the brutal as the sports massage was,… read more
Kathryn Serviss
Kathryn Serviss
I have been going to Lisa since 2018. She has been the only massage therapist to really address my body issues. Most of my issues involve stress headaches and neck stiffness/mobility due to my work. You can tell she is very well educated on body anatomy and massage techniques. I never get a cookie cutter service with her like other massage therapists. Her space is delightful and warm. I finally feel like I have my pain under control since I’ve been seeing Lisa.
Michelle Thornton
Michelle Thornton
I just happened to find Hannah and LA Bodywork accidentally and I am SO glad I did!! I knew that I needed more than just a massage for my wacky knee and joints. Hannah heard my concerns and her work has been a wonder to me the past 2 months I have been going regularly. I highly recommend LA Bodywork. An investment that is priceless to how I feel after.
Wilmer Cano
Wilmer Cano
Is always a pleasure to get my massage and very professional, always walk out of there very relax after my massage.
Ray Hunting
Ray Hunting
I have been going to Lisa for a number of years and recently started with Hannah. Due to the stress of work and life Lisa is incredibly well studied and try's new treatments to help bring relief. Both Lisa and Hannah have been great and defyingly worth the visit.
Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott
I had a very pleasant time at LA Body Works, great service, not to mention, clean and super friendly. Knew exactly what I needed and how to treat all my pains!
Kevin Sarreal
Kevin Sarreal
Amazing service! Had a shoulder injury from lifting and was so glad I found LA bodywork. Lisa was very knowledgeable and after my therapy session she also explained additional ways to speed up recovery and preventative measures to take so I don’t get re-injured in the future. I went to the studio city location and the facility was super clean and everyone there was very polite. Unfortunately I don’t live in the area anymore otherwise I would still be going there to this day. Def recommend checking this place out
Liam O'Brien
Liam O'Brien
This facility is uniquely tailored to anyone looking for care and treatment after or during competitive athletic training. The facility is clean and profession and I value the considerate and detailed questions asked by all employees. I’m going to help with should and back injuries and I’m only one session experienced an impressive amount of functional mobility.
Audrey F
Audrey F
I have been going to Lisa for the past 7 years and also recently started seeing Hannah as well. As an 18x marathoner and youth track and field/cross country coach, bodywork is an essential part of my injury prevention and training routine, but I've learned over the years that you can't entrust this with just anyone. I need someone with knowledge of endurance sports and of female physiology. Lisa is incredibly well studied and in tune with her clients' particular needs and that is reflected in the quality of the treatment. I've had various injuries over the years and I've been able to get back up again - much in part due to Lisa and Hannah. They are absolutely incredible at what they do!
Cameron Braverman
Cameron Braverman
Bodywork that truly connects with the subject. Really appreciated both practitioners' attention to detail. They also provided movements for me to do after our sessions to make sure that I'm taking care of my body long-term. Can't go wrong here.
Severina Hernandez
Severina Hernandez
If you are looking to really loosen up you must set up an appointment with LisaMarie. I didn’t realize how tight my body was until the session was over. Oh boy was it tense but afterwards I felt so much relief. The atmosphere was perfect, she made me feel comfortable, and my body feels incredibly rejuvenated. I will definitely be back!