Premium Level Roller: Medium Density


Designed for easy incorporation into your fitness routine, this foam roller is a must-have for anyone seeking a comprehensive recovery solution. Its premium construction and medium density make it suitable for users at various fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

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  • MEDIUM DENSITY FOAM. Medium firmness and density foam roller.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Using a Rollga Foam Roller has been shown to increase flexibility by 22% (8% more than a traditional flat roller).
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY. Using a Rollga Foam Roller after exercise/lifting weights has been shown to reduce muscle soreness by 6% or more.
  • BACK MASSAGE. Patented design avoids spine and shoulder blades to prevent spine compression and bone bruising.
  • NECK MASSAGE. The ribs of the Rollga Foam Roller apply precise pressure to neck muscles while comfortably fitting the neck and bottom of the skull.
  • DURABLE. Professional grade foam that keeps its shape and can hold over 2000 lbs.

All Foam Rollers come with a free carrying strap!

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